Affiliate Options

We offer options for everybody.

The LetsTrade affiliate program is a free opportunity.

Yes, totally free!

What exactly is affiliate marketing? According to Wikipedia:

"Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts."

LetsTrade makes it really easy for you: Simply encourage your people in your circle of influence to become affiliated to LetsTrade and when they trade, you get rewarded! Yes, you get a percentage of the trade (selling or buying) that your team member is involved in. Even if you never buy anything from us or our website, you can and will still earn commission when the people you refer to us buy or sell something.

It's as easy as that! You are rewarded for every transaction made by your referral.

LetsTrade offers you the opportunity to become an affiliate for free. There are however, also two other paid options for the entrepreneur:

  • Premium Membership
  • Professional Membership

The different pricing options just make it easier for our affiliates to sell more items and to manage their affiliates and commissions.

 Why will this work for you?

There are literally thousands of businesses on the Internet that reward affiliates for referring business to them - from those selling flights, car rental and accommodation to those involved with everyday buying and selling.

However, all of these affiliate programs have one thing in common: You can only benefit from them if you own a popular website!

But what if thousands of ordinary people could work together to build one very popular website that can then participate in many of these affiliate programs? With LetsTrade you don't need your own popular website!

 That's where LetsTrade comes in!

  • Together we can build LetsTrade into one of the most popular websites in South Africa.
  • Together we can benefit from affiliate programs for flights, car rental, accommodation, auctions and many, many other things.
  • Together we can build a very popular, very safe place to buy and sell.
  • Together we can make affiliate marketing work for ordinary people!
  • To join us, simply register and start sharing LetsTrade with your friends, family, colleagues and associates.
  • As our website grows in popularity we will all get rewarded together!

What commission will you be paid?

Remember, earning commission as a LetsTrade affiliate is a totally free opportunity that we extend to everyone, regardless of the membership option you are subscribed to. Every time an item is sold on LetsTrade the affiliates who, directly or indirectly, referred the buyer and seller to us earn rewards on the value of that sale.

 Team Structure

You earn monetary rewards of 1/8 of the Reward Value on all sales by sellers directly referred by you and on all purchases by buyers who were directly or indirectly referred by you, up to seven generations deep.

This means that every time an affiliate who was directly referred by you, sells something, you earn a monetary reward. And every time an affiliate who was directly or indirectly referred by you (up to seven levels deep) buys something, you also earn a monetary reward!

You may refer as many affiliates (buyers and sellers) to LetsTrade as you like and they may each refer as many people as they like. The size of your team depends on you.

 Reward Value

LetsTrade earns different income on different products so the rewards for each type of product is based on the Reward Value of that specific product.

LetsTrade splits the Reward Value in eight equal pieces (1/8 or 12.5% of the Reward Value) and pays it as rewards to up to eight affiliates who directly or indirectly referred the buyer and seller to us.

 Buying and Selling - Auctions and BuyNow
  • The Reward Value of any item that is bought and sold on LetsTrade depends on the selling price of the item.
  • Any item sold for less than R5,000.00 carries a Reward Value of 4% of the selling price.
  • An item sold for more than R5,000 carries a Reward Value of 2%.
  • This means that every time someone in your team buys an item you earn a reward of between 0.25% and 0.5% of the selling price of that item.
  • You also earn the same rewards if the seller is someone directly referred by you.
 Membership Fees
  • The Reward Value on all membership fees charged by LetsTrade is a full 50%.
  • So for all the members of your affiliate team who upgrade from Free to Premium Membership or Professional Membership, you will be rewarded with 6.25% of their monthly membership fee as long as they remain a paying member.
 Listing Fees And Other Promotion Fees
  • Listing fees, Featured fees and any other fee charged by LetsTrade for promoting items also carry the same 50% Reward Value. This means that if any of your affiliate team members lists houses, cars etc, you will also earn a reward of 6.25% of the monthly fees applicable for those listings.
 Travel Rewards
  • Flight Bookings made via LetsTrade carry a Reward Value of R80.00.
  • This means that you earn a reward of R10.00 every time someone in your team books a flight via LetsTrade.
  • The total Reward Value for car rental and accommodation bookings is 4% of the value of each booking.
   So, the more you promote LetsTrade, the more you will be rewarded.

Simply tell people about LetsTrade – on your social media accounts, your own website, emails you send out etc – and if you are a Premium or Professional Member, you can give them your personalised affiliate link to send them to us. When they click on the link you give them, we'll know it's you who sent them.(Free Members give referrals your Member ID to use when they register.) And from then on you'll get paid whenever they transact on LetsTrade.

Benefits For Affiliates

1. Join for FREE

  • There are no costs to create your LetsTrade Membership account that allows you to buy, sell and make an extra income for yourself.

2. Look professional and credible

  • LetsTrade is built and managed by a team of experienced experts who have been doing business via the Internet for more than a decade. Even if you are new to doing business on the Internet, being an affiliate enables you to benefit from this expertise by using the systems and tools that have been put in place for you.
  • You don't need to get your own website to tell people about LetsTrade. (If you have one, of course you can use it!) Free Members can refer people by giving them their Member ID to use when they register. Premium and Professional Members, simply send people to the LetsTrade website via your own, personalised affiliate link. You can use your personalised link in your Social Media updates and profiles, in emails you send out, in your email signature, in email newsletters etc. (As soon as someone clicks on your personalised LetsTrade affiliate link, we'll know it's you who has sent them to LetsTrade.)

3. Get paid

  • Every person you send to LetsTrade, who then also joins us as a Member, becomes one of your team members. For every sale or purchase your team member makes on LetsTrade, you will get rewarded for that transaction. All you need to do is send people to LetsTrade so that they join us, and we'll do the rest.
  • When your rewards total R250 or more (less for Premium Members and even less for Professional Members), you can request a payout to your bank account. As a free LetsTrade Member you will be charged a R10 admin fee for each reward payout. This fee is not payable by Premium or Professional Members.



  • Unlimited Auctions
  • 5 BuyNow Items
  • R20.00 / Listing
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn Commission
  • Refer with Member ID
  • 0 Custom Pages
  • R250.00 payout threshold
  • R10 payout admin fee
  • Basic Analysis Tools


R 19.99 /m

  • Unlimited Auctions
  • Unlimited BuyNow Items
  • 10 Free Listings
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn Commission
  • Personal Referral URL
  • 5 Custom Pages
  • R100.00 payout threshold
  • Free payouts
  • Comprehensive Tools


R 99.99 /m

  • Unlimited Auctions
  • Unlimited BuyNow Items
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn Commission
  • Personal Referral URL
  • 10 Custom Pages
  • R50.00 payout threshold
  • Free payouts
  • Comprehensive Tools

In the table, what does this mean...?

You can put up items for buyers to bid on instead of selling them for a fixed price. The highest bidder wins. All Membership options allow you to run an unlimited number of Auctions.

These items are listed for sale at a set price. Free Members can have 5 BuyNow items active on LetsTrade at any time. Premium and Professional Members can have an unlimited number of BuyNow items active at any time.

Listings apply to specific categories:

  • Property Sales and Rentals
  • Car Sales
  • Businesses for Sale

These items cannot be sold directly through LetsTrade due to the legalities involved in purchasing them. (So the Auction and BuyNow options are not available for them.) However, you can still advertise these items and find interested buyers by using a Listing.

Listings allow you to give all the information relevant to items in these specific categories.

  • Free Members pay R20.00 per Listing.
  • Premium Members have 10 Free Listings, whereafter a fee of R20.00 per Listing will apply.
  • Professional Members have Unlimited Listings. This is the ideal Membership option for car dealers, estate agents and business brokers.

All the details about the affiliate program are on the affiliate page.

As a reward for referring new members to LetsTrade as an affiliate, you will earn a commission on their transactions through LetsTrade. See the affiliate page for the commission structure.

Free Members can refer new people to LetsTrade by giving them their Trader ID number. Premium and Professional Members will be able to refer people using a personalised URL as well, as part of their Affiliate Tools.

Premium and Professional Members are allowed pages within LetsTrade where they can list all their items or tell a little more about themselves. Think of it as a mini-website inside LetsTrade that you can send people to directly!

You need to accumulate a minimum amount of money in commissions before LetsTrade will pay out that money to your bank account.

  • Free Members need a minimum of R250.00 before payout can be requested.
  • Premium Members need a minimum of R100.00 before payout can be requested.
  • Professional Members only need a minimum of R50.00 before payout can be requested.

Free Memberships will be charged a R10.00 payout admin fee on each payout made. Premium and Professional Memberships do not incur this fee.

"As an affiliate, you could easily earn 100s or 1000s of Rands in rewards every month,
simply by referring your friends, family, colleges, associates
and any potential sellers to LetsTrade."