Who Should Be Selling On LetsTrade

Entrepreneurs, businesses and occasional sellers alike!


  • Individual online traders and resellers
  • Importers and exporters
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Small businesses
  • Businesses looking to expand beyond their physical, local market


  • Want to sell an item for a little extra cash? Do it on LetsTrade!
  • Have a few items you only sell in certain seasons? A hobby could become a business!

Benefits For Sellers

1. You can start for FREE

  • No upfront fees. There are no costs to create your LetsTrade membership account that allows you to buy, sell and make an extra income for yourself.
  • Two additional membership levels are also available:
    • Premium Membership is available for fairly regular sellers. This level offers more advanced reporting and management tools for only R19.99 per month. This also offers specific affiliate promotion and management tools. These are highly recommended for anybody serious about promoting LetsTrade. 
    • Professional Membership is available for the more 'serious sellers' – those who relish this business format! Professional Members are provided with a full-on business program and numerous other benefits for only R99.99 per month.
  • Our per-transaction fees (on all levels of membership) are:
    • 5.7% (5%+VAT) of every sale under R5k.
    • 2.85% (2.5%+VAT) of every sale over R5k.


    • 2.1% bank fees on credit card payments
    • 1.25% bank fees on EFT payments

    The bank fees are charged by the banks on all payments we receive and are unfortunately unavoidable.

2. Professional Tools To Help You Sell, Manage And Market.

A full list of tools will be provided soon!

3. Easy For New And Experienced Sellers.

Whether you've been selling online for a while or are new to this method of business, LetsTrade makes it easy for you to connect with buyers who are looking for what you have to offer.

4. Multiple Payment Options Including The Safety Of ESCROW

  • Escrow makes online trading safer for sellers and buyers as payment is kept safely in the custody of LetsTrade while the two parties complete the transaction. Sellers can happily ship items purchased, knowing that payment has already been made, and buyers can confidently make payments, knowing their money won't be released to the seller until they have actually received the item and are satisfied. In the event of a dispute, LetsTrade will arbitrate between the parties to reach a fair solution (this may include full payment released to seller, full payment returned to buyer or partial payment to seller and partial return to buyer.)
  • LetsTrade accepts payments on behalf of sellers using 3D secure credit card and instant EFT payments.

5. Get Started Immediately

Your online premises are available, kitted out with the tools you need, ready and waiting for you right now!



  • Unlimited Auctions
  • 5 BuyNow Items
  • R20.00 / Listing
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn Commission
  • Refer with Member ID
  • 0 Custom Pages
  • R250.00 payout threshold
  • R10 payout admin fee
  • Basic Analysis Tools


R 19.99 /m

  • Unlimited Auctions
  • Unlimited BuyNow Items
  • 10 Free Listings
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn Commission
  • Personal Referral URL
  • 5 Custom Pages
  • R100.00 payout threshold
  • Free payouts
  • Comprehensive Tools


R 99.99 /m

  • Unlimited Auctions
  • Unlimited BuyNow Items
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn Commission
  • Personal Referral URL
  • 10 Custom Pages
  • R50.00 payout threshold
  • Free payouts
  • Comprehensive Tools

In the table, what does this mean...?

You can put up items for buyers to bid on instead of selling them for a fixed price. The highest bidder wins. All Membership options allow you to run an unlimited number of Auctions.

These items are listed for sale at a set price. Free Members can have 5 BuyNow items active on LetsTrade at any time. Premium and Professional Members can have an unlimited number of BuyNow items active at any time.

Listings apply to specific categories:

  • Property Sales and Rentals
  • Car Sales
  • Businesses for Sale

These items cannot be sold directly through LetsTrade due to the legalities involved in purchasing them. (So the Auction and BuyNow options are not available for them.) However, you can still advertise these items and find interested buyers by using a Listing.

Listings allow you to give all the information relevant to items in these specific categories.

  • Free Members pay R20.00 per Listing.
  • Premium Members have 10 Free Listings, whereafter a fee of R20.00 per Listing will apply.
  • Professional Members have Unlimited Listings. This is the ideal Membership option for car dealers, estate agents and business brokers.

All the details about the affiliate program are on the affiliate page.

As a reward for referring new members to LetsTrade as an affiliate, you will earn a commission on their transactions through LetsTrade. See the affiliate page for the commission structure.

Free Members can refer new people to LetsTrade by giving them their Trader ID number. Premium and Professional Members will be able to refer people using a personalised URL as well, as part of their Affiliate Tools.

Premium and Professional Members are allowed pages within LetsTrade where they can list all their items or tell a little more about themselves. Think of it as a mini-website inside LetsTrade that you can send people to directly!

You need to accumulate a minimum amount of money in commissions before LetsTrade will pay out that money to your bank account.

  • Free Members need a minimum of R250.00 before payout can be requested.
  • Premium Members need a minimum of R100.00 before payout can be requested.
  • Professional Members only need a minimum of R50.00 before payout can be requested.

Free Memberships will be charged a R10.00 payout admin fee on each payout made. Premium and Professional Memberships do not incur this fee.